Secretary to the President, Austin Fernando said the duty of the officials at the Presidential Secretariat is to carry out the policy outlined by the President Maithripala Sirisena and develop new policies where there are no established policies, inspired by the vision of the President.

Assuming duties today (July 4), Mr Fernando said that public institutions work closely with all, and strengthen the ‘Brand President’s Office’.

He said he was always willing to learn and added, “never too late or never too old to learn.”

There are members of staff may have different ideas about the development and economic development, he said and urged the staff to discuss and present their ideas. “Bring your different ideas about strengthening peace and harmony in the country to the table. It’s always what we want to do. We have to be open and ready to listen to new ideas from veterans as well as those who think out of the box,” he said.

“We’re discussing a model of cluster formation of ministries. It is a model we are now thinking about to enhance the public administrations efficiency,” he said.

The new Secretary to the President said that the officers of the Presidential Secretariat would have to work hard to create the brand name of the President’s Office. He urged the President’s Office staff to work as a family and take the office from strength to strength.

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