Facebook and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) partnered up to hold a HackaDev program in Sri Lanka. HackaDev is a crowd-sourcing exercise for sustainable development solutions and a platform that brings Sri Lankan youth together to design innovative solutions to a development challenge.

“Facebook is committed to building an impactful developer community in Sri Lanka and believe it is important to support businesses, start-ups, and the individuals who are driving innovation to grow and succeed”, said Facebook Policy Programs Manager for Sri Lanka, Yasas Vishuddhi Abeywickrama.

The program supports the young generation of the country to take fresh approaches to entrepreneurship and equip them with skills to create their own jobs as well as create employment opportunities for other people as well.

Link: http://www.ft.lk/business/UNDP-partners-with-Facebook-to-support-youth-innovation-and-entrepreneurship-in-Sri-Lanka/34-697274

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