State Ministry of National Security, Home Affairs, and Disaster Management affirm steps have been taken to launch a tree-planting program covering all the Grama Niladhari Divisions across the country in relation to the 73rd Independence Day celebrations which is to be held on 4th February 2021.

The State Ministry has advised the heads of the government institutions to utilize public places or private lands which have space and plant different kinds of trees while giving the priority to “mee plant”, “kohomba plant” and ‘’kumbuk plant”. The State Ministry has also requested to plant fruit plants or medicinal plants in home gardens.

While highlighting the necessity of planting trees in relation to the Independence Day celebrations, the Ministry has advised the government institutions to appoint one person to monitor the condition of the plants.

Furthermore, all the District Secretaries, Divisional Secretaries and Grama Niladharis have been notified to incorporate the Ministry of Wildlife and Forest Conservation, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Irrigation, Mahaweli Development Authority, Department of Forest Conservation in order to successfully complete this program.

This program will be carried out adhering to the Covid-19 guidelines. And the relevant authorities are advised to incorporate any volunteers who are interested in the tree planting program

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