• 3-day online event with support from global and local institutions to feature over 50 projects and corporate investment opportunities 
  • Initiative to position Sri Lanka as Asia’s next growth haven

Themed ‘Sri Lanka – Asia’s Next Growth Haven,’ the Sri Lanka Investment Forum (SLIF) 2021, jointly organised by the Board of Investment (BOI), The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and the Colombo Stock Exchange, will kick off on 7 June on a virtual platform.  

SLIF 2021 will showcase to the world Sri Lanka’s attractiveness as an investment destination through the exposition of a blend of mega projects, strategic investment initiatives, private equity opportunities and portfolio investment propositions of public listed corporates listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. The forum will attract direct and portfolio investors, including sovereign wealth funds, private equity funds, development finance institutions, multi-national corporations, high net worth individuals and all other investor classes from across the globe. 

Sri Lanka’s leading policymakers, sector experts and industry leaders featured as keynote speakers and expert resource personnel at SLIF 2021 will showcase Sri Lanka’s investment proposition to the global investment community. 

The forum will feature a wide spectrum of expert keynotes and discussion forums covering key aspects of Sri Lanka’s investment proposition, including but not limited to foreign investment policies, capital markets, ease of doing business measures, facilitating legislation and incentive regimes. SLIF 2021 will accordingly empower institutional, corporate and individual investors and businesses with a comprehensive set of information with respect to Sri Lanka’s FDI and portfolio investment environment.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, HSBC, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Port City – Sri Lanka will bolster the first-of-its-kind international forum in the capacities of Knowledge Partner, Banking Partner and Strategic Partners respectively. Microsoft, Technology Partner to SLIF 2021, will power the virtual collaboration platform, enabling plenary sessions, virtual forums and exhibition rooms and one-on-one corporate sessions with participation from across the globe. 

The three-day forum presents a first-of-its-kind opportunity for the corporate sector as well as State-owned Enterprises (SoEs) to explore partnerships with participating investors. The event will provide listed companies with an opportunity to reach out to foreign portfolio investors and likewise, project and strategic initiative promoters from across the public and private sectors to showcase foreign direct investment (FDI) opportunities. Investment banking and advisory firms as well as private equity promoters, consultants and stock broking firms will be key participants at the forum. 

SLIF 2021 is also supported by Asia Securities (Platinum Partner), Citibank (Gold Partner), NSB Fund Management (Silver Partner) and Softlogic Stockbrokers and Melstarcorp (Bronze Partners), FairFirst Insurance (Insurance Partner) and Dialog (Telecommunications Partner).

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