The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Jakarta hosted Christmas  on Saturday 17th December 2016 with Sri Lankans from all over Indonesia joining the event.

Rev. Alan Wood Vicar of  All Saints Church Menteng, Jakarta and gave the Christian sermon, prayed over and blessed the community. In his sermon, Rev Wood reflected on the message of Christmas, of love, peace, tolerance and compassion. The Choral Group of the All Saints Church Menteng provided the evening with songs of praise and Carols.

Ambassador Dharshana. M. Perera in his remarks outlined the history of Christianity in Sri Lanka beginning from the earliest times to the colonial and post colonial periods and up to the present. He noted the contribution Christianity has made to education, music,  art and architecture in the island. The Ambassador warmly commended the Sri Lankan community in Indonesia for coming together in partnership with the Embassy  in 2016 to observe as a community the major religious festivals of Wesak, Id-UL-fitr, Deepawali and Christmas – thus celebrating Sri Lanka’s pluralism.

 The evening was attended by Sri Lankans in Indonesia from all denominations including Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians whose representatives joined together in lighting the traditional oil lamp in a gesture of unity and solidarity.