Sri Lankan’s in Jakarta celebrated Deepawali at the Embassy at Jalan Dipenogoro on Saturday, 29th October 2016 with Hindu religious observances, lighting of lamps, as well as Bajan and dances. Sri Lankan Buddhists, Christians, Muslims joined the Hindu community for the celebrations in fine a display of unity and camaraderie. The premises was decorated with  lamps and other Deepawali decor adding to the atmosphere of the festivities.  

Ambassador Dharshana M. Perera, articulating President Maithripala Sirisena’s message on the occasion said ” Deepawali symbolizes the light that illuminates the path for humankind to overcome darkness and ignorance, evil and fear” adding that we should  “commit ourselves to lighten up our hearts with determination to work towards strengthening co existence through reconciliation”.

He also highlighted that “Deepawali is a sacred occasion to overcome darkness in human hearts with the light of love” as reflected in Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s message. He observed that Deepawali is a festival which reflects the rich Tamil and Hindu heritage in Sri Lanka as well the country’s diversity.  The areas which were once theatres of conflict in Sri Lanka are oceans of peace and stability today following the end of the conflict and strengthening of democracy and reconciliation particularly since the election of the President and Prime Minister and the advent of the National Unity Government last year.

The Sri Lankan community in Indonesia joined the Embassy of Sri Lanka in organizing this event. The celebration of Deepawali on Saturday was part of the series of commemorations of the major religious festivals organized by the Embassy in Jakarta in partnership with the community including Veesak, Iftar and Christmas bringing the community together in a wonderful celebration of Sri Lanka’s diversity.