Unveiling a painting in honour of the late Lakshman Kadirgamar at the World Intellectual  Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva , 21 June 2018, Hon. Liam Fox, the Secretary of State for International Trade of the United Kingdom, said that he hoped the painting would  prompt the future generations and the staff of WIPO to learn from the legacy of the late  Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka, “who served and will continue to serve as an example to us all”. He made these remarks addressing a gathering of invitees including senior officials of international organizations and diplomats, in commemorating the life of  the late Kadirgamar.

The painting gifted to WIPO by Mrs. Suganthi Kadirgamar, the late Minister’s spouse is one of the masterpieces of renowned Sri Lankan painter Mr. Stanley Kirinde, depicting ‘ Guttila  the Veena Player’ – a historical poetic narrative intellectual property and copy rights on The ceremony was organized under the patronage of Dr. Francis Gurry, the Director   General of WIPO.

Speaking further on the occasion, the British Secretary of tate for International Trade  praised the late Kadirgamar for his tireless work and outstanding contribution in strengthening global understanding and cooperation, calling Kadirgamar “a giant of a man.

Director General Gurry, recalling his close association with the late Kadirgamar at  WIPO,  commented that Kadirgamar helped him gain expertise through creative thinking in the field of intellectual property. The late Minister served as the first Director for Asia and  the Pacific Bureau during the period 1976 to 1988 and pioneered and promoted  development cooperation, including through capacity building on intellectual property (IP),  enabling many developing countries in the region to harness the benefits of IP for socio-economic development.

Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to UNO in Geneva Ambassador Azeez referred to  the rich and rewarding legacy left behind by the late Minister of Foreign Affairs, through stimulating professionalism and nurturing talent. The late Minister dreamt of “a peaceful, reconciled Sri Lanka”, he remarked.

The event was coordinated by the Permanent Missions of Sri Lanka and the United  Kingdom and WIPO.

unveiling of a picture in honour of the late Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka

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