Sri Lankans living abroad and foreign nationals have the opportunity for attesting their  documentation from Sri Lanka Embassies Abroad through electronic system. This facility enables Sri Lankans living abroad and foreign nationals to send their documents  electronically to the Consular Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka through Sri Lanka Embassies in overseas.

Eligibility to Apply for the Service:

  • Those who hand over the documents for attestation should produce a valid passport  issued by the competent authority in Sri Lanka. Foreign applicants need to produce the valid passport issued by the authorized agency of his/ her own country.
  •  Foreign passport bearer who holds dual citizenship in Sri Lanka should produce dual  nationality certificates with his/her foreign passport to obtain services under the Sri Lankan fee category. (Dual nationality certificate or endorsement of dual nationality made by the
    Department of Immigration and Emigration needs to be scanned and uploaded to  the system in this regard.)
  •  The owner of documents is expected to hand over such documents to the Embassy in Person. However, if the owner of the document is unable to present in person, a close relative could be sent with a letter of authorization from the document owner
    indicating :

Name in full

Valid passport number and

Residential address of the person who brings the documents.

  • The person who  presents at the Embassy to get the documents authenticated should bring a copy of the passport of the document  owner             together  with the letter of authorization. Specimen is at Annex I EDAS
  • If a document needs to be attested on behalf of a company, authorization should be given by one of the signatory indicated in the Form-20. Specimen is at ANNEX II Form 20.
  • For the attestation of certificates of children under 18 years of age, the legitimate  guardian of the child concerned should be present at the Embassy or a letter of authorization from the guardian and his/her copy of the passport should be produced by the person attending to the matter on behalf of the child.

Fees are applicable for each document of attestation.

Production of forged documents;

Production of forged documents for attestation is an offence punishable by law.

Criteria for attestation:

  • Only the original documents issued by Institutions of the Government of Sri Lanka in Sinhala, Tamil or English languages will be accepted for attestation.
  • Any photocopied documents will not be accepted for attestation.
  • Every document will be scanned. Therefore it is kindly advised to refrain from producing damaged and decayed documents.
  • Any documents that have already been attested manually will not be accepted.
  •  Applicant should produce fresh original documents without seals and stickers on it.
  • Document owner’s contact details including mobile number email address should be produced correctly.

Validity of the service:

The validity of this attestation is limited up to one year.

Document categories

– Sri Lankan birth, marriage and death certificates
· Search results of Sri Lankan birth, marriage, death certificates.
· Translation of Foreign Languages (excluding English, Tamil Sinhala)
· Certificate for confirmation of the unmarried/civil status (affidavit)
· Affidavit or power of Attorney
· Police Clearance certificates
· Passports
· Citizenship certificate
· Driving license
· National Identity Card
· Medical Certificate
· Degree certificate awarded by Sri Lankan Universities
· Degree certificate awarded by Foreign Universities
· Education certificates issued by foreign institutions in the respective country
· Divorce certificates and other judicial documents
· Muslim divorces certificates/ Kandyan divorce certificates
· Grama Niladhari certificates
· Documents related to business/ companies
· School Leaving Certificates
· Certificates issued by Private/ International Schools
· Service Agreements/ Job Orders

You can contact consular division of the Embassy through +6221 3141018, +62 21
31902388 , +62 21 3161886

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