On behalf of the Government, I would like to offer my deepest sympathies to the injured persons and the relations of the deceased consequent to the recent attacks occurred this morning. I see this as an attempt to make the country and its economy unstable.


I condemn these attacks which targeted religious places and some hotels. We all should join hands to protect law and order. I have already instructed the Secretary / Defence, Tri Forces Commanders and the Inspector General of Police to take stringent action to ensure law and order in the country.


Further, I and some ministers had a discussion with HE the President in this regard. Secretary to the President, Attorney General, Secretary to the Treasury, Secretary  / Disaster Management and Security Chiefs were among the present.


Law will be strictly enforced against the persons those who are responsible for these attacks after finalizing the investigations.


We shall bear with this unfortunate situation and work together to uphold the law and order.


Thank you!

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