Venerable Doloswala Udithadeera Thero led this year’s observance of Sri Lankan Vesak in Indonesia  held at the Sri Lanka’s Chancery premises at Jl. Diponegoro, Menteng Jakarta. It was joined by the  communities of all religious denominations.

In his Dhamma Desana, Venerable Doloswala Udithadeera Thero explained how Buddhism has thrived as per teachings of Buddha while respecting other faiths. He referred to “Sachchaka story,  Suthra pitaka” and many others. Important practise of “Maithree” which could be first started ownself and continued over to outer world including people, other animals –“Siyalu Sathwa” was highlighted. Almsgiving is also an important meritorious deed he said particularly giving to the noble  (well attained in Dhamma) persons. Human qualities including being humble makes a respectable  person not by his social status, he preached.

The community jointly offered Atapirikara, Sesupirikara and other contributions for the sustenance of Sasana.

As per Sri Lankan tradition, all those gathered participated in the Aloka pooja by lighting traditional clay lamps. Seven Padma koodu depicting “Birth of Siddharta” adorned the Chancery garden and  the evening concluded with the Vesak Dansela.

The evenings Programme commenced with the singing of National Anthem, lighting of the traditional oil lamp by the Sri Lankan community belonging to all religions and Sri Lankan children.

In his remarks, Sri Lanka’ s Ambassador to Indonesia and ASEAN Dharshana M Perera spoke of the buddhist civilizational heritage which has blossomed in Sri Lanka over the many centuries and  Buddhism’s contribution to humanity including the teachings of the Lord Buddha, the gift of the  Thripitaka to the world and the Programme for its due recognition led by HE President Maithripala  Sirisena, contribution of Sri Lanka ’s buddhist civilization to the arts, architecture, sculpture,  literature, way of life and medicine.

Observing 2563BE Vesak in Indonesia, Venerable Doloswala Udithadeera Thero’s Dhamma Desana was followed by chanting of Seth Pirith joined by Venerable Meepagama Sangarathana Thero and  by Indonesian buddhist clergy from the major Theravada Buddhist temples in Indonesia. The  Venerable Indonesian clergy led by Venerable Ratanadhiro Thero sprinkled pirith pan , consistent  with the Indonesian Theravada Buddhist custom.

The visit of Ven Doloswala Udithadeera Thero to Indonesia was at invitation of the Embassy and the Sri Lankan community in Indonesia. He also visited the Borobudur Temple, as well as Ratu Boko  which has 7th century Abayagiriya inscription substantiating Sri Lanka’s ancient connection with  ndonesia.

Venerable Doloswala Udithadeera Thero is renowned for his Abhidharma Desana and highly respected member of the clergy in Sri Lanka. He manages Dhammadassi Buddhist Centre, Biyagama.

The observance of Vesak is part of “Celebration of Diversity” initiative launched by the Embassy in 2016 where the Sri Lankan community in Indonesia comes together to celebrate each others  religious festivals-Vesak, Deepawali, Ifthar/Ramazan, Christmas- thus strengthening inter  community relations and generating greater understanding of each other’s uniqueness while celebrating Sri Lanka’s wonderful diversity.

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