During an interview with the Indonesian TV News Channel, INewswith,  Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Indonesia, H.E. Ms. Yasoja Gunasekera encourage Indonesians to go holiday to Sri Lanka using Free Visa

Below is the transcript of the program which aired on 14 August 2019.



Indonesia and Sri Lanka relations have been established since the ancient kingdom. However, people to people contact is not yet increased. Now Sri Lanka opens itself by giving free visa facilities for tourists from Indonesia.


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Ceylon or currently known as Sri Lanka is not a strange name in Indonesia foreign policy.

In 1955,  PM Sir John Kotellawala was the pioneer of the Asian African Conference in Bandung with Sukarno and other leaders.  The conference then becomes an important step for the independence of Asian African countries from Western Colonial.

Now Sri Lanka become Sri Lanka is a multifaceted destination with eight UNESCO world heritage sites including the ancient capitals of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kandy and the Dutch fort of Galle, beaches, wildlife and many places of natural beauty, including the upcountry area which features emerald-green tea plantations, waterfalls, and hilly vistas

Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Indonesia, Yasoja Gunasekera, tells the tourist attraction in this South Asian country.

A lot of people surprised that for a somewhat small country, Sri Lanka surprisingly divers ( in tourist destination). We have the sea all around us. And we have a various different type of beaches around the country. The South, sand is more golden. The North the sand is more white. The north, the seas has a slightly different color to those seas in the West of the country. But you have a lot of beaches here.

 As well as the beaches, we have a hilly area in the central of the country. One of the beautiful features is tea plantation.

 Kandy is a very popular destination. In Kandy. You have the remains of the last kingdom of Sri Lanka. You have the Temple of  Tooth, which is the most venerated place for the Buddhist community in Sri Lanka.

From the first of August, the Government of Sri Lanka introduced a 30 days free visa scheme for tourists from Indonesia.  Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Indonesia, Yasoja Gunasekera

A lot of initiatives going on to promote the tourism industry and we have a lot of Sri Lankans visiting Indonesia. Thanks to the Indonesian Government policy decision to give free visa on arrival for tourist to this country. So a lot of Sri Lankans are started coming. And I am very happy to be able to tell you that from 1 August Sri Lanka has reciprocated and Indonesians can get a free visa on arrival for tourism to Sri Lanka.

 Apart from tea, Ambassador Gunasekera also mentioned and Sri Lanka culinary made from various spices which are similar to Indonesia.

People like Sri Lankan food as well. So, we always encourage someone to Sri Lanka as a tourist to try the food as well. For Indonesians, fortunately, we will not warn you about the spice level because we both eat spicy cuisine in both of our countries.

 Sri Lanka welcomed a record 2.33 million tourists in 2018 and was named the world’s top travel destination for 2019 by the Lonely Planet travel guide. Sri Lanka was also named as the Best Safari Destination outside of Africa by Forbes Magazine and Lemming Travel.

From, Jakarta, Wella Sherlita, Sadu Santo Budi, report for Inews.

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