1. The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation intends to upgrade the bus fleet of Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) with a proponent who is willing to enter in to an agreement with SL TB for the supply of required user friendly brand new buses with modem facilities, to be paid back on earn and pay basis.
  2. The Chairman, Cabinet Appointed Negotiating Committee (CANC), on behalf of Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation invites sealed Expression of Interest (EOI) from eligible and interested Proponents (Nationally, Internationally or Joint Ventures) for the supply of 2000 user friendly brand new buses with modem facilities with financing arrangement. Proponents may also submit their EOIs through their authorized Local Agent. The required 2000 brand new buses include 275 nos brand new Low Floor (Low entry) Diesel buses,725 nos brand new 49-54 seater Super Luxury buses , 500 nos. brand new 42-45 seater Luxury buses and 500nos. brand new 30-35 seater Luxury buses.
  3. The total quantity of brand new buses have to be delivered within 20 weeks of signing the agreement. 25% of the required quantity of brand new buses is to be supplied within 08 weeks and the balance thereafter at the rate of 25% every 4 weeks.
  4. Only proponents with following experiences and capabilities are eligible to submit EOIs;
    1. A Proponent shall be a Bus Manufacturer or an Authorized Agent of a Bus Manufacturer, and shall have at least 10 years’ experience in Project financing, of which at least 03 such projects need to be financially over USD 100mn each in size within the last 05 years, to be supported with previous experience records. If the Proponent has participated as a partner of a Joint Venture in a project, the percentage of the Proponent’s contribution shall be more than 20% of the entire project to claim experience.A Proponent could submit the proposal as a JV to fulfill the criteria. In such a case the maximum number of JV partners shall be only three (03) and one partner of the JV shall be the manufacturer of offered buses. The details of the JV arrangement shall be submitted through a ” Intend to form JV Agreement” signed by all parties of the JV All necessary documents on previous experience shall be submitted to establish, that the Proponent possess the required experience.
    2. The Manufacturer of the brand new buses intended to be offered by the Proponent, shall have at least 10 years experience in bus manufacturing with documentary evidence. The total production of the manufacturer during last 3 years shall be a minimum of 8,000 buses and the manufacturer should have exported/sold buses to at least 05 countries including the manufacturer’s country and to a minimum of 02 South Asian countries. Documentary evidence on all above shall be submitted to establish that the manufacturer possess the required experience.
    3. The Manufacturer of the brand new buses intended to be offered by the Proponent, shallhave a Local Agent approved by the Proponent with workshop facilities, adequate qualified & trained staff and at least 05 years experience in bus repair and maintenance, to attend to warranty obligations during the warranty period. Also adequate quantity of spares and the services of a Resident Engineer of the Manufacturer should be available with the Local Agent during the warranty period. Or in case of the Local agent being a company without a workshop, it shall have a partnership with a local servicing facility/workshop, which has adequate qualified & trained staff, the above experience and the ability to provide services mentioned above. In such a case documentary proof of such a partnership should be submitted.
    4. The proponent shall have a positive net asset during the last three years and the Average Working Capital during last 3 years of the Proponent shall exceed USD 50 million. The Proponent’s annual turnover shall be more than USD 300 million annually during last 03 years. If the Proponent is a JV, the annual turnover of JV partners taken together shall be more than the above during last 03 years on per year basis.
  5. A complete set of EOI documents in English language may be purchased from the Office of the Secretary, Procurement Committee, Sri Lanka Transport Board, 200, Kirula Road, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka during normal working days from 14.10.2019 to 22.11.2019 between 09.00hrs and 15.00hrs on payment of a non-refundable fee of Sri Lankan Rupees 20,000/-. The EOIs should be submitted using those documents purchased.
  6. A Pre- EOI meeting will be held at 10.00 a.m on 04.11.2019 at the Ministry of Transport & Civil Aviation, 7th floor, Sethsiripaya Stage II, Battaramulla.
  7. The EOI shall be valid up to 23.03.2020
  8. All pages of the EOI Document shall be signed by the proponents with his seal affixed.
  9. EOIs should be submitted in a sealed cover. The sealed cover should include the ‘Original’ and the ‘Copy” of the EOI and marked on the left hand corner of the cover “EOI for Supplying 2000 brand new buses for strengthening the bus fleet of Sri Lanka Transport Board with funding arrangement” and should be submitted to the address below on or before 2.00 p.m on 25.11.2019:The Chairman,
    Standing Cabinet Negotiating Committee ,
    C/O Director (Procurement),
    Accounts Division,
    Ministry of Transport & Civil Aviation,
    07th floor, Sethsiripaya Stage II,
    Sri Lanka.
  10. EOIs received after closing time will be rejected and returned unopened.
  11. The EOIs will be opened in the presence of proponents or representatives, who choose to be present, immediately after the closing of the EOIs. Those who have submitted substantially responsive EOIs will be short listed and invited to submit RFPs.
  12. The Cabinet Appointed Negotiation Committee (CANC) has discretionary authority to accept or reject one or all EOIs at any time of the process and the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by proponents in connection with the preparation or delivery of EOI.

Cabinet Appointed Negotiation Committee
Ministry of Transport & Civil Aviation,
07th floor, Sethsiripaya Stage II,
Sri Lanka.

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