Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Indonesia and ASEAN Yasoja Gunasekera presented Letter of Credence to the Secretary General of ASEAN Dato Lim Jock Hoi on 14 November 2019.

ASEAN as an outward looking, rules based, people oriented organization has over the last five decades made significant progress in many spheres. ASEAN’s role is also critical for peace, security, development and shared economic and social progress in Asia.

Sri Lanka’s historic relations with the South East Asian region date back several centuries and Sri Lanka equally values the multifaceted contemporary relationships with South East Asian countries, which have been nurtured over several decades. Further, Sri Lanka has engaged actively with ASEAN through the ASEAN Regional Forum since 2007.

In March this year Sri Lanka formally expressed interest to become a Sectoral Dialogue Partner of ASEAN, with the hope that increased Sri Lankan cooperation through the three ASEAN pillars – political security, economic and social cultural would be advantageous to all stakeholders and further enhance Sri Lanka’ partnership with the ASEAN region

The Secretary General stated that ASEAN looks forward to work with Sri Lanka in cooperative mechanisms.

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