Sri Lanka has been ranked as the highest South Asian country in the Global Social Mobility Index that was published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2020. Sri Lanka was ranked as number 59th, while other South Asian countries ranked lower, such as India (76th), Pakistan (79th), and Bangladesh (78th). The report ranked Sri Lanka against 82 countries on the basis of score on a scale of 0-100.

The Global Social Mobility Index evaluates a country according to five social mobility determinants, which are health, education, technology access, work opportunities-working conditions and fair wages, as well as social protection and inclusive institutions. The goal of the Global Social Mobility Index is to understand the relationships between the life of parents and a child with the ultimate goal that the children have a better life compared to their parents.

Based on the scoring systems across the five determinants, Denmark was declared as the top country with top social mobility, with Germany, France, Singapore, Australia, and Japan among the top 20 positions.

Moreover, the report highlights that most economies are failing to provide better conditions for children in comparison to their parents. Besides, in some developing countries and regarding children born in economically weaker areas are facing more problems. This remains the problems that all countries are trying to improve in the coming years.


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