Directorate General of Immigration issued a Circular No. IMI-GR.01.01-4049 dated 18 August 2020 stating that:

1.  Foreigners who hold free visa or their Visa can nor extend or change must leave Indonesia on 20 September 2020 at the latest.  The previous date line in 20 August 2020.

2.  Starting from 24 August, Directorate General of Immigration simply the procedures of the issuance of approved visa.  The applicant can pay the fee when apply the visa so that the applicant does not to go to immigration office for payment.   With this new mechanism, then:

a. Approved Telex Visitor Visa can collect the Visa at the Immigration Office.

b. For those who have approved Telex Limited Stay Visa must process their Visa to the Immigration Office seven (7) days after the date of approval, at the latest.

c.  For those who have approved Telex Visitor Visa and Telex Limited Stay Visa before 24 August 2020 must follow the previous Circular in which it stated they must process their respective Visa to the Immigration Office thirty ( 30) days after the date of the approval, at the latest.


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