Minister Of Law and Human Rights issued Minister Regulation Number 26 Of 2020 On Visa And Stay Permits In The New Normal, dated 30 September 2020.


  1. Minister of Law and Human Rights temporarily suspends to grant a Visitor Visa exemption and Visa on Arrival until the Covid-19 pandemic is declared over by the ministry or agency mitigating the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • Foreigners who hold free visa ( tourist visa and Visa On Arrival) and cannot leave Indonesia due to Airport closure or unavailability of transportation to their country  can extend their stay permit at the nearest Immigration office.
  • Crew member arriving by their transports, Asia-Pacific Economic  Cooperation (APEC) Business Travel Card holder and Traditional Border  Crossing pass/card holder will be allowed to enter Indonesia and must providing a valid declaration of PCR with a Covid-19 negative result.
  • Foreign nationals holding an expired Temporary Stay Permit, an expired
    Permanent Stay Permit, or an expired Re-Entry Permit of a Permanent Stay
    Permit while staying outside Indonesian territory must apply for a new visa to
    enter Indonesia.
  • The new regulation facilitate what it called Essential Business Travelers by issuing Visitor Visa and Temporary Stay Visa.


Who have eligibility to apply Single Entry Visitor Visa ?

a. an emergency and essential work;
b. a business meeting;
c. purchase of goods;
d. a probationary period for foreign workers;
e. a medical, food, and humanitarian aid worker; and
f. a crew member who joins the vessel in Indonesia.

The validity of the Visitor Stay Permit extension, as referred to in section (1),
is granted not exceeding 30 (thirty) days.

Who have eligibility to apply Temporary Stay  Visa ?

1. Work Activity

a. as a professional or expert;
b. who joins to work on ships, on vessels, or installations operating in the
Indonesian maritime zone, territorial sea, continental shelf, and
Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone;
c. whose job is quality control of goods or products;
d. who conducts workplace inspections and audit;
e. whose work with an aftersales service;
f. who installs and repairs machine;
g. with a non-permanent work in constructions;
h. with a probationary period for skilled works.

2. Non Work Activity

a. a foreign investment;
b. a family reunion;
c. retirement travel.

How to Apply Visitor Visa And Temporary Stay Visa ?

1. Sponsor must apply through online by completing :

  1. a health certificate in English declaring a free from Covid-19 by a competent authority at their home country;
  • a declaration letter in English consented to do a mandatory self isolation or undertake a medical treatment at an accommodation or a designated health facility by the Indonesian government at the traveler’s own expense when a PCR check upon arrival by the health authority at ports of entry results in a positive with the Covid-19 or with symptoms in accordance with the health protocol and provisions of law and regulations.
  •  a consent letter to be monitored during the quarantine or self-isolation  in accordance with the health protocol and provisions of law and regulations.
  • health insurance or travel insurance covering medical expenses, and/or a declaration letter of medical treatment at own expenses, if contracted with the Covid-19 during their stay in Indonesia.
  • The sponsor must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds of at least US$10,000 to support their living expenses during stay in Indonesia. A mandatory of having sufficient funds is not applicable to a medical, food, and humanitarian aid worker, and crew member.


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