As we open our doors to the world again, let’s make sure our paradise island is as safe and secure as it can be against the ongoing pandemic.

After a thorough analysis of the situation and following multiple consultations with all relevant stakeholders and health professionals, a set of guidelines and protocols have been listed out to assist those in the tourism sector to ensure a smooth transition to begin operations in the midst of this new normal.

Those in the tourism sector have been requested to adhere to these guidelines, as they are vital measures that have been taken to assure the protection of our tourists and ourselves.

Safety measures have been implemented across the country so that travellers may enjoy a hassle-free stay.

However, it is the responsibility of the tourism establishments to adhere to the COVID safety protocols, so that the reopening of the island may be a sustainable effort for the tourism sector as a whole.

For information on establishment and service providers who have met the requirements for Covid-19 Health Protocols, please visit


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