The Department of Pensions in Sri Lanka has informed that the issuance of the life certificates for the year 2021 takes place during the period from 01.12.2020 to 31.03.2021 and  the payment of the pensions who have not provided life certificates by 31.03.2021 will be suspended from May 2021.

The specimen of the life certificate is available under “Foreign Pensions” of the website of the Department of Pensions ( Accordingly, pensioners should download and fill it in accordance with the provisions of the circular No. 01/2018 dated 20.06.2018 and submit to the Embassy for certification.

Submission in Person (by the pensioner) – at the Mission

  • Certification would be carried out by an authorized officer in the Mission.
  • For identification purposes, please bring following documents;
    • Pension ID card
    • valid passport
    • Sri Lankan NIC

The Life Certificates certified by this Mission are forwarded to the Department of Pensions. The life certificates of the pensioners gone abroad for a period of less than two years, whose pension files are maintained at Divisional Secretariats, should be sent to the respective Divisional Secretariat after certifying by the Embassy. Therefore, you are kindly requested to provide the following information as well;

  • Stay period in Indonesia
  • Whether the pension files are maintained at the Divisional Secretariats or the Department of Pensions

Embassy of Sri Lanka


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