The world’s first sustainably designed smart face mask to use respiration sensor technology

The Hirdaramani Group partnered with the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) and CirQ Technologies to develop a truly sustainable, safe and stylish mask for consumers. BreathTech-S³ is manufactured using a combination of sustainably sourced, natural and biodegradable materials and features an advanced graphene-based sensor (patent pending) that measures breathing rate, mask fit, CO2 build up and mask usage all of which are accessible via a secure mobile app. 

Sustainability: Made with 100% cellulose based and biodegradable materials and packaging, the mask has a truly sustainable footprint.

Safety: Incorporating a highly efficient filtration layer it also features a fluid anti-bacterial barrier. Real time fit assessment alerts minimise aerosol and droplet ingress as well as leakage. 

Sensor: The propriety sensor measures breathing rate, mask fit, CO2 build up and provides notifications via a mobile app. Notifications include potential risk markers based on breathing rate, mask adjustment for a safer fit and CO2 buildup levels within the mask. 

Style: Available in three sizes with custom prints, the sleek design and adjustable fit makes it a stylish choice for consumers without compromising safety. 

“The reality is that consumers want comfort and style along with safety. Another thing that truly matters to consumers today is sustainability and this goes to the heart of our own ethos as a manufacturer. Our ability to provide a combination of all the things that matter – safety, style and sustainability – to consumers in one product is what sets BreathTech-S³ apart,” said Hirdaramani Group Director Aroon Hirdaramani.

With masks firmly set to be a part of our daily lives for the long term, the need for sustainable choices is greater than ever, BreathTech-S³ is designed with a future first approach and in the hopes more brands and manufacturers follow suit. 

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