Women’s Day Message

The Sri Lankan society appreciated and respected the woman and her role as a mother, sister, wife and housewife with utmost dignity since ancient times. The way a
country treats and accepts women is a social indicator of its true development. Sri Lanka has been exemplary in this respect.

It is the woman who builds the foundation of family, the fundamental unit of any community. Woman plays diverse roles throughout her life and she acts as a strong link that binds families, which make up the society, together. Her contribution to the GDP, though not often calculated on monetary value, without doubt remains very high. That is why it has become a social responsibility of every one of us to safeguard and nurture women’s dignity, honour and happiness all the time.

Women have gradually been able to occupy a higher representation in a number of areas of economic, social and cultural life in Sri Lanka today. Moreover, she is challenging the man in a number of other fields. These accomplishments stand as an example not only for the woman’s intelligence, courage and commitment but also for the social justice in and maturity of our society. Her representation in the political arena needs to be further elevated.

I believe the theme for International Women’s Day 2021, “She; the Country, the Nation and the World” is most appropriate.
The national policy framework, “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour” which precisely identifies the role of woman, promises to promote the socio-economic contribution by women. Its eight-fold approach is now being made a reality. I extend my best wishes and congratulations to our Sri Lankan women who celebrate International Women’s Day.

H.E. Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa

March 07, 2021



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