Sri Lankan Christian people are celebrating Easter today (04) with Christian devotees all over the world. Christians all over the world remember today with great honor that Jesus Christ defeated the death and resurrection.

Two years before this, on the 2019 Easter day of 2019, the terrorist attack on our country, over 2019 innocent countrymen, including small children, lost their lives. We strongly condemn that barbaric attack and we express our condolences to the families of the lives lost by the attack, the injured group and the entire Christian people.

Also, I emphasize that those responsible for the Easter Day terror attacks were sent to the law and we as a government are continuing to stand for justice to the victims and that the investigation process is formally operated without any effect.

Just like the light of the Easter wax lamp allows the brothers to experience relief, it is the hope of the Christian people to cross the Easter meaning.

With respect, I remember the great patience the Christian people exhibited until justice was served to the victims of the Easter Day attack, going by that noble expectation.

It is our wish that Christians can live with humanity, coexistence and mutual love in the face of the various challenges faced within society.

Happy Easter to all the Christian people of the world on behalf of the Christian people of Sri Lanka!

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksha



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