I convey my greetings to all the Sri Lankan Muslims who are celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr with Muslims who are living worldwide by completing the Ramadan fasting period.

With the one month long Ramadan fasting prescribed in the Holy Book of Islam, Al-Quran, the most important message is revealed to the world religiously and spiritually.

It is my hope that the Muslims will unite with no upliftment and downliftment to build a community of abandonment, with a proper understanding of other s’ hunger during the fasting period.

Disciplined Muslims who learnt religious and systematic teachings have been very friendly to each other with other with other races and religions in Sri Lankan community throughout history.

On a day like today we should also be reminded that as a government we understand the need for the Muslim people to move forward without undermining this faith.

Although Eid-ul-Fidar rituals cannot be celebrated as a huge festival like last year due to the worldwide Covid pandemic situation, I hope they will implement the related religious rituals by following the health guidelines.

I express my thanks to all the Muslims who did not go to mosques for worship but performed religious rituals in their homes for the hygiene practices during the fasting period.

I request all of you to use the religious rituals mean by Ramadan fasting for the welfare of all during the time when the whole world is facing such a pandemic crisis.

I pray that today’s Eid-ul-Fidar day will be a great day filled with God’s blessings, fearless peace and happiness.

Ramadan day greetings message

I express my congratulations to the Muslim community in Sri Lankan who are celebrating Eid-dul-Fitr with the Islamic devotees who are scattered around the world after ending the Ramadan fasting period.

The message that the Ramadan fasting which is performed for a month as prescribed in Al-Quran, which is considered the Holy Book of Islam devotees, is very important to bring to the world religiously as well as spiritually.

I believe that having the right idea about the hunger of others during fasting will make Islamic devotees line up for a charity society without high and low division.

Islamic people who were taught in religious correct teachings have worked in mutual friendship with other races and religions in the Sri Lankan community throughout history.

On a day like today, we should also remember that we as a government have understood the need for the Islamic people to move forward without breaking this belief.

Although the Eid-Dul-Fitr tradition cannot be celebrated in a festival this year as it was last year due to the epidemic of COVID spreading around the world, I hope the religious traditions associated with this will be fulfilled under the health guidelines.

My salutations to all the Islam devotees who have worked to fulfill religious rituals from their homes, making sure that the mosques do not gather in large crowds for worshiping, respecting the health advice during the fasting period.

I request you all to apply religious values which are meaningful by Ramadan fasting in such a timely crisis where the whole world is facing an epidemic crisis for the benefit of others.

Wishing you all a happy Eid-ul-Fitr festival full of sickness free of fear peace happiness with Allah’s blessings!


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