The requirement to produce a COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate by any person

arriving to Sri Lanka via any airport or seaport is hereby removed.

The requirement to produce a pre-boarding or on-arrival negative COVID-19 test

(PCR/RAT) by any person arriving in Sri Lanka via any airport or seaport is hereby


If foreign nationals/tourists become COVID-19 positive after arriving in Sri Lanka,

they should isolate for 7 days in a private hospital/hotel/place of residence. The

cost of treatment/isolation should be borne by foreign nationals/tourists.

The above measures will be applicable irrespective of other directives in any

previous guidelines/letters/circulars issued by the Director General of Health


This guideline is effective for the persons arriving in Sri Lanka via airports or seaports from 00:00 hrs on 07th December 2022 and persons who have already arrived.

Dr. Asela Gunawardena

Director General of Health Services


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