Procurement Notice received from the Ministry of Ports, Shipping & Aviation of Sri Lanka inviting proposals on behalf of Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) (Private) Ltd. for the Augmentation of Jaffna International Airport, Sri Lanka

Procurement Notices received from the Ministry of Defence inviting for bids  the following items

Procurement Notice of Invitation for Bids received from the Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Limited of Sri Lanka calling for bids to supply  02 Nos. 15″ Circumference Mooring Hawsers with Thimbles

Procurement Notices of Invitation for Bids received from the Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Limited of Sri Lanka calling for bids to supply the following items, for your urgent and necessary action

Amendment Notice received from the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Aviation of Sri Lanka informing that the Bid Closing date has been extended again for the said procurement from 23.02.2024 to 27.02.2024.

Procurement Notices of Invitation for bids received from the Sri Lankan Catering Ltd calling for bids to 11 procurements below

Tender Extension Notice – Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Limited Supply of services for dry clocking and hull repair of the dual path single point mooring buoy (SPBM) so 17820 in Sri Lanka

Procurement Notice and the Bid Document received from the National Insurance Trust Fund of Sri Lanka calling for bids for the procurement of the Retrocession Programme to cover 30% Compulsory Reinsurance Cession